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Andy Worth of GMB and Stephanie Ellis of TUUT Charitable Trust present Nigel Webster of Bestwood & Bulwell Foodbank  with the fruits of the 2014GMB Conference.

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Riding The Tiger – Is Ethical Capitalism Possible

Ian Wright, MP,  joined Baroness Prosser and Paul Noon, Directors of TU Fund Managers at a Unions21 Fringe Event. Nicola Smith, Head of the TUC’s Economic & Social Affairs Dept also joined the discussion, entitled “Riding The Tiger – Is Ethical Capitalism Possible?”

“Absolutely” enthused Nicola “a more efficient and socially just, ethical capitalist society is possible”. All speakers were in agreement that a company that thinks about its staff, its impact on the environment and the longer term, rather than maximising profit for the few, is morally and ethically preferable. more

Timely Donations to fund new premises

June 26th, 2014

Delegates at the 2014 GMB Conference in Nottingham were invited to support a local Foodbank by bringing in food or giving a cash donation during Conference week. This initiative was organised by the TUUT Charitable Trust and TU Fund Managers and supported by the local GMB-Midland & East Coast Region.

At the end of Conference Nigel Webster of the Bestwood & Bulwell Foodbank   was extremely surprised to collect a £4,000 cheque from the TUUT Charitable Trust, plus over £200 cash raised by delegates and the bags of donated food waiting for him.

Nigel told us “this funding could not have come at a better time as volunteers were feeling rather dispirited and distrustful as a result of the recent negative press publicity plus the imminent loss of their premises. £4,000 goes a long way to helping us find new storage space”.

Upon hearing this, Andy Worth Regional Secretary of the GMB –Midland & East Coast Region offered the support of the GMB to pay for the fitting out of the new premises with a cheque for £1,000.

GMB Protect , another exhibitor at the Conference was pleased to support the cause.

Tugether we can build a better future!!