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Riding The Tiger – Is Ethical Capitalism Possible

Ian Wright, MP,  joined Baroness Prosser and Paul Noon, Directors of TU Fund Managers at a Unions21 Fringe Event. Nicola Smith, Head of the TUC’s Economic & Social Affairs Dept also joined the discussion, entitled “Riding The Tiger – Is Ethical Capitalism Possible?”

“Absolutely” enthused Nicola “a more efficient and socially just, ethical capitalist society is possible”. All speakers were in agreement that a company that thinks about its staff, its impact on the environment and the longer term, rather than maximising profit for the few, is morally and ethically preferable. more

Support for Food Bank at Prospect Conference 2014

June 5th, 2014

At Prospect the Union’s Conference in Glasgow this year, delegates were encouraged to visit the TU Fund Managers stand during the week and make a donation in support of the local Glasgow South West Food Bank part of the Trussell Trust.    

TU Fund Managers had already pledged £4,000 via its charity, the TUUT Charitable Trust and so, when the Reverend David Barr attended Conference on the final day, a total of over £4,500 was presented to him on behalf of the Food Bank.

Responding, David said “this donation will go a long way in helping the hundreds of people in Glasgow who would otherwise go hungry.  There are lots of reasons why people can find themselves without the means to buy food.  No one should starve or have to suffer the stress of going without food.  Once again, thank you for demonstrating your compassion for our fellow human beings.”