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Riding The Tiger – Is Ethical Capitalism Possible

October 3rd, 2013

Ian Wright, MP,  joined Baroness Prosser and Paul Noon, Directors of TU Fund Managers at a Unions21 Fringe Event. Nicola Smith, Head of the TUC’s Economic & Social Affairs Dept also joined the discussion, entitled “Riding The Tiger – Is Ethical Capitalism Possible?”

“Absolutely” enthused Nicola “a more efficient and socially just, ethical capitalist society is possible”. All speakers were in agreement that a company that thinks about its staff, its impact on the environment and the longer term, rather than maximising profit for the few, is morally and ethically preferable.
This was one of many Fringe Events arranged by Unions21 that took place during the Labour Party Conference – many thanks to Dan Whittle of Unions21 for organising these events.

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