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Riding The Tiger – Is Ethical Capitalism Possible

Ian Wright, MP,  joined Baroness Prosser and Paul Noon, Directors of TU Fund Managers at a Unions21 Fringe Event. Nicola Smith, Head of the TUC’s Economic & Social Affairs Dept also joined the discussion, entitled “Riding The Tiger – Is Ethical Capitalism Possible?”

“Absolutely” enthused Nicola “a more efficient and socially just, ethical capitalist society is possible”. All speakers were in agreement that a company that thinks about its staff, its impact on the environment and the longer term, rather than maximising profit for the few, is morally and ethically preferable. (more…)

Our Heritage

“ The idea that trade unions should be involved in ‘playing’ the financial markets will seem incongruous to many people, not least to many active trade unionists who spend their time defending their members from the excesses of capitalism. ”

“ But playing the market for a return that benefits working people, members of trades unions, makes a lot of sense. ”

“ So it seemed to a group of far-sighted trade unionists in the early 1960s. They were the founders of Trade Union Fund Managers and their story … is a real success story, a David taking on a Goliath, and deserves to be told widely. It is also a continuing story and I would urge all trade unionists who have not heard about TUFM and what they can do in terms of financial investment to take a little time out to ….. perhaps consider whether riding the tiger is more profitable than standing in its way. ”

— John Monks