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Ever been to a Foodbank?

What is a Foodbank you may ask? It is a place you hope you never have to use but all too many people are having to turn to. It surprises many that there are folk in the UK who cannot afford to eat themselves or feed their children. Food banks help to fill that black hole. Most in this country run under the banner of the Trussell Trust though they operate independently. Most of their users are referred by local agencies such as GPs or other welfare providers. Manned in the main by volunteers, who also fundraise and often teach the recipients how to make a meal from the ingredients provided they are a lifeline for many. (more…)

TUUT – Making A Difference

The T.U.U.T. Charitable Trust was set up by the trade union movement in 1969 for the sole purpose of owning TU Fund Managers Limited and subsequently TU Additions Limited and TU Financial Management Services Limited . The intention was – and still is – that profits distributed by the companys should go to good causes rather than individual shareholders.

It is a requirement of the Trust Deed that all the trustees must be trades unionists, the intention being to ensure that causes which benefit should broadly be those that would be supported by the movement. Trade unions – and indeed individuals – are free to nominate favoured causes, all of which are reviewed by the trustees before any payment is made.

The activities of the Trust are broadly divided into Home and Overseas.


The current trustees at 1st August 2016 are as follows…

The Lord Christopher CBE
formerly General Secretary, IRSF (now PCS)

Lord Brookman
formerly General Secretary, ISTC (now Community)


Mike Clancy
General Secretary, Prospect

Paul Nowak

Deputy General Secretary TUC

Baronness Prosser OBE
formerly Deputy General Secretary, TGWU

Michael Walsh

formerly ISTC